Little Elm- re-pot.

This lovey little Elm my wife bought from Willowbog just last summer.

At the same time this pot was also bought for the tree.

And today they were finally brought together. I think they are a good match.


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9 Responses to Little Elm- re-pot.

  1. phil says:

    Good job Stephen but pot looks just bit on big size for three . Maybe grow tree out a bit 😊

  2. Stephen it looks lovely but as has been said above you nee a little smaller pot. Regards Piotr

  3. willowbogger says:

    Reblogged this on Willowbog Chat.

  4. FRED JANSON says:

    Love the pot but I think pot is to big

  5. Ben B says:

    Nice chunky tree. Love the Walsall pot!

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