My Garden

Images from my garden. More pictures coming soon…..

more coming soon…

10 Responses to My Garden

  1. Looking forward to following your blog Stephen

  2. willowbogger says:

    welcome Stephen !!

  3. phil says:

    Some nice trees there , garden looks well I’ve pics of garden from start to finish if u want them ?

  4. H. Wilkinson says:

    Hi Stephen, I have just come into the club lately haven’t got round to many Bonsai collections but from what i see from the pics you certainly have a lot of nice trees, I didn’t know it was you that operated under the alias of Bonsai Baker,Silly me should have know with the SODA BELLY it’s time you started to push the big man, out on the sunday walks,see you soon keep well.

  5. Jewel says:

    Thanks guys!Do you have any idea how much we at home enjoy all of your efforts and hard work that you put in the sharing of your love of bonsai? USA.

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