Corky potted up!

Here is my Cork-bark-elm with a root mass that could do with a lot of improvement.

So Philip,Ian and I desided that an air-layer might help the look of this tree.

Here it is after one full year after the layer was completed.

You can just see the old root system, and the new roots above.

The saw cut,,,,,,,carefully done.

The old root base.

I put the tree on a block of wood. This was because I did’nt want to wire the little root I had. So the tree was screwed to the bottom of the plastic pot.

Now the root are spread, carefully, over the growing medium.


The rest is now filled in and chop-sticked into place.

And after a good watering, a little light trim was needed


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1 Response to Corky potted up!

  1. phil says:

    Looking good Stephen put the old root back into thr ground and let it regrow

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