The baker, part of bonsai !

Her are a few photos of the cakes and cupcakes that we made in the Bakery.

As you can see all halloween theme.

The cupcakes were a great hit with a the young kids who were passing the shop window.

These are all Nicole’s free hand work.

Vanessa came up with the idea, and Nicole put it into practice.

I felt they derserved a post and a few photos of their great work. Im very proud of the work they have done.

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8 Responses to The baker, part of bonsai !

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Some work involved in those!! Nicole even managed a self portrait onto of the cake šŸ™‚

  2. Davina Russell says:

    Best Hallowe’en cake and buns I’ve ever seen! Congratulations!

  3. willowbogger says:

    brilliant idea , , beautifully made !! hope they were a big success

  4. Seems a real shame to eat them Stephen. Well done

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