Garden work finished.

The new timber arrives.

Old benches cleared, hedge cut back.

New posts, frame and boards go up.

Now my bottom benches are put in.

now one side of my garden is looking great.

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7 Responses to Garden work finished.

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Phil without a hat on, a rare sighting 😀 What a difference when you see the before and after shot!!!

  2. Davina Russell says:

    Looking really good !

  3. Ben F says:

    Wow. That looks great!

  4. Great Job stephen. I’m just about to start on something similar

  5. phil says:

    Looking good Stephen don’t forget to pass my number on to anyone looking benches done !!

  6. Jamie says:

    Wow I looked at ur garden photos on Flickr and all your trees are amazing! Wish mine looked like that! Phil did a great job with the garden! Although by the looks of it Stephen all you did was take photos! Lol oj

  7. Mario says:

    Well done guys! The garden looks stunning!

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